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Why Go For Kitchen Renovations?
Whenever you hear the words kitchen renovations, what comes into your mind? Perhaps you think about a new oven or a new counter top that comes in granite. You might also be thinking of getting that spice rack installed. Or maybe you thought of adding a towel rack for... Read more
Home Improvement: What To Ask Your Contractor?`
Are you planning to go for the kitchen renovation project that you have been thinking about for months? Who wouldn’t be excited when it means getting that new space spiced up to make it more visually enticing and more energy efficient? Everyone would be. Whether you are a homemaker... Read more
Basement Builders: What Are You Looking For?
When it comes to your home, you would do anything to make it look like the one you have always imagined in your mind. The kitchen has got all the essentials that you need. From the oven to the kitchen counter to the latest, most efficient kitchen appliances, you’ve... Read more
Garage Builders: What Your Garage Can Be
Which part of the house is your most favourite? Is it the kitchen space where all your favourite home appliances are? If you enjoy cooking a feast for the family to share, you are definitely a kitchen lover. Thus, if you have extra money, then you would likely invest... Read more
Basement Builders: What To Ask Them?
Are you looking at improving your basement space? You have a lot of ideas on hand, but it seems you couldn’t decide which of them you should go for. When confused on which type of basement project you should take on, remember that the best decisions are reached when... Read more
What A Successful Contractor Is
You often hear this question from homeowners who are interested to work on improving their home structurally. It is actually a question that successful contractors should ask themselves every time, to ensure that they are able to deliver only the utmost service that they deserve. If you ask homeowners,... Read more
Common Home Improvement Needs for Households
At this day and age one of the most important priorities that many look into owning is a home and because of this need, many homeowners whether new or old have a lot of different ideas when it comes to the type of Home improvement they want for their... Read more
Tips for Home Improvement Plans
A lot of homeowners look into Home improvement and other house renovations depending on the necessities that come up like needed repairs on any wear and tears or even just to add onto a better looking interior. The task of looking into these different enhancements can become easy as... Read more

Home Renovations

Renovations January 5, 2015 0

Proposed Second Floor Plan Originally, a plan was developed to add a second storey, including a bedroom, double height space with a wood bridge and a roof garden.  This contemporary approach would appeal to an environmentally conscious, urban individual or couple.  (The proposed second storey is feasible as shown in... Read more