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Home Improvement Renovation
As a homeowner, every now and then you would likely you would take a look at your house to check if anything needs to be repaired and maintained.  There are times that you even think of ways of how you can make your home better with some of the... Read more
Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations
If you are looking to sell your home or simply want to add value to it, you certainly should opt to consider doing some kitchen and bathroom renovations for your home.  If the technology and design aspects of your home are relatively outdated, then you should care to think... Read more

Home Renovations

Renovations January 5, 2015 0

Proposed Second Floor Plan Originally, a plan was developed to add a second storey, including a bedroom, double height space with a wood bridge and a roof garden.  This contemporary approach would appeal to an environmentally conscious, urban individual or couple.  (The proposed second storey is feasible as shown in... Read more