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How To Have An Energy Efficient Garage How To Have An Energy Efficient Garage

Did you know that the garage may be the most inefficient part of the house in terms of energy consumption? But does it always have to be that way? Perhaps the very reason for this is the very fact that most homeowners do not recognize that their garage is an extension of their house. Rather, they see it as that part of the house that is an extension of their outdoor space. However, in all these confusion, it is the homeowner that ends up spending more every month because the garage remains to be inefficient in energy consumption.

Every garage builder knows how important it is to keep the garage the most energy efficient room as possible. Not only does it mean savings on the part of the owner on a monthly basis, but it also means the least risk for potential accidents such as fire. So how could you make the garage the most efficient extension of the house? Here are some tips from the experts themselves:Garage Builders

  • Invest in a good insulation system in the garage. Although it is often seen as just the space in the house where the car is parked, on winter months and summer time, the garage can be very inefficient because of its lack of insulation. Insulating the garage door and walls might cost you less than a thousand dollars, but it could bring in a lot of money in the process too.
  • Most old garages were not built with the right compressible foam between the concrete flooring and the wall framing. Over time and weather changes, the connection slowly moves to shrink or swell. This only means that it allows air to come in and out, as it wishes. A good garage builder will tell you that using a foam sealant can do the job, minus the cost.
  • Is the garage door working perfectly? How about the door that connects the garage to the rest of the house? Does it close properly and is sealed throughout when closed? If not, then you should probably work on proper weather stripping around the entire door frame. This will help keep the right air in and out.

There are many ways that can help you improve your garage space to make it more energy efficient. All you need is to ask the experts and that’s it.


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